Fan Notes

John Fogerty : Comin down the road – The Royal Albert Hall Concert

– 11/18/09

To see you perform in John Fogertys band is just a FANTASTIC musical blow out !!

The Royal Albert Hall concert with John Fogerty from last summer that is out in the stores now is the best live DVD I`ve ever seen !!

The band you’re playing in must be the best Rock`n Roll Band on earth , it`s just AMAZING to see and listen to you guys playing !!

Thank youuuuu !!!!!!!!!

Keep on chooglin !!!    -Roger, Norway

Kodak Theatre – LA – 11/12/09

Hi Kenny, Thanks for the time and instruction this past week.  Gabe and I were thrilled with the Fogerty Concert at the Kodak Theater.  You really rock out for 2 hours and although John is the star, you highlight the show with your excellent performance…What more can we say.  We love you, man.  Take care and we’ll see you again down the road.  See you at NAMM in January.

-Rob and Gabe, your Montana connection…

Saw the concert on PBS – 11/7/09

And  that was great. You are still the best drummer in the world. I hope Bob is watching this. I also posted at Facebook for John and mentioned your name.   I hope people give to this cause it is an excellent one.
Thanks Kenny.

Live from Daryl’s House
- 10/7/09

Great drumming on the Doors show on Live at Daryl’s. Could not have been better even if John was playing. That show is a must see for any music fan. Amazing!

Damn it man you rock!! – 9/25/09 

I saw you playing with Daryl Hall and Kevin Rudolf, on Live from Daryl’s House. What a excellent performance you and the band did. Kudos to you bro. Peace out.  -Darren

MMRHS – 9/14/09

I was a parent at Monument the other night. I just had to thank you for what was not only a fabulous musical night, but your words to the students were TERRIFIC.  Your message was full of wisdom as well as passion.  When your arms give out please think about motivational speaking to the youth.  Your story is worth listening to and your style is perfect for the high school student body.   Thank you for sharing your time and talent with Monument Mountain High School. -Carolyn

Monument Mt….WOW!!!! – 9/14/09

Kenny, I just wanted to really thank you for the evening that my family, which consists of 3 teenage boys, shared the other night.

Your musical abilities, with your twist on life experiences really touched us tremendously! The kids even wanted to go by your house on Yale Hill just to get a feel for where you grew up!

Again, many thanks and continued good luck to you!!!!

-Mark, Sarah, Kevin, John, & Anthony (who plays in the Lee High School Band… a drummer!!!!)

Cool Cool Kenny!  I Saw You On Letterman Sept. 3rd..

And as always you were great. You are by far the best drummer there is around.  Kenny, after John Fogerty finished singing the song of Linda Rondstadt.  Letterman walked over to you and said a few words again.
I have a feeling Letterman would like to steal you away from Fogerty. But we know that will never happen.
Much success also with John’s new cd.   Your playing your drums for John has added quite a bit to his band.
God bless,
Sandra B.

South Street Seaport concert – 9/2/09

I watched Kenny perform last night at the South Street Seaport Festival in Manhattan, New York. Kenny is like a fine Wine he just gets better with age. He is not only the greatest all around drummer, he is an exceptional person. Even with his unbelievable work load, Kenny still found time to meet with fans and answer questions. Thank you Kenny for your uncommon commitment to your fans and for inspiring  drummers like myself to continue to grow.    
Thank You,
NYPD Detective

Long time fan – 8/27/09

Hello Mr. Aronoff!

Long time fan since the early ’80s with John Mellencamp.  I still listen to the Mellencamp material and it still holds true more than 25(!) years later.  I can’t believe it’s been 25 years.  I remember "Hurts So Good" when I was in 6th grade and a light went off over my head, as in "Whoa, that’s really good- who are these guys?!"  Now, I’m pushing 40, my two-year-son is showing a proclivity for rhythm and music in general.  And, yes, I’ve spun "Scarecrow", "Uh-Huh", and "Lonesome Jubilee" with him in the room and we’ve played "air drums" with Daddy kneeling behind him and moving his arms to the rhythm line.

Any chance of reuniting with John Mellencamp?

Finally, I just wanted to say, "thank you".

God Bless,
Tinley Park, IL

Vancouver concert – 6/7/09

Kenny, I saw you play for John Fogerty last Sunday.  Sprung my dad loose from the nursing home in a wheel chair to see you too.  Like others who have commented, while John’s guitar and the band as a whole was great, I couldn’t take my eyes off of your drumming (and I’m a guitar player).  Absolutely stunning — I’ve never seen a better drummer performance.  My daughter plays drums and met you at a drum workshop a few years ago.  You signed a drumskin for her, and gave her some encouraging words.  Thanks – that small personal connection was a nice touch.

Vancouver, BC

Regina Drum Clinic – 6/4/09

Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed the drum clinic in Regina on June 4th.  What a wonderful experience!  An opportunity I would not have missed for the world!  You are truly outstanding . . . simply awesome and yet so very gracious. 


Drum Clinic -
Regina Saskatchewan – 6/4/09

Thanks so much for  the recent drum clinic in Regina.  You were an inspiration to all in attendance, young and old. Keep up the good work!
Brian & Kyle

Wow –

I attended the John Fogerty concert at GM Place, June 7th, 2009.
Wow, Kenny Aronoff is an amazingly talented drummer.  What a treat to see him play.
Great musician!
Nice toned arms too. 
Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you play again one day.

GM Place Vancouver Concert – 6/8/2009

Hello Kenny!

Thank you for taking the time to meet me backstage at the recent John Fogerty concert at Vancouver GM place. Thanks to you my seat provided an incredible view of you which allowed me to watch your skill and technique. As a drummer myself it was a honor to meet you and watch you perform. Awesome is not a good enough word to describe your playing ability. Hope I have the opportunity to meet and hear you play again. Keep playing those Paradiddles!

Vancouver Canada

fascinated – 6/5/2009

I was at the MTS center in Winnipeg Manitoba and was completely taken aback by your talent. I tried to focus on John Fogerty but I was just amazed by your drum skills that I sat with my mouth wide open in awe. That is one concert I will never forget. Thanks for the memories.


Kenny in Regina, Saskatchewan – 6/5/2009

Thanks for stopping in to do the drum clinic in Regina Kenny!! When I heard you were coming I couldn’t believe it.   I took my 5 and 11 year old and they loved it.  I’m a longtime fan of your work and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take them to see you.   You rocked as usual.  Thanks again,

– Jason

Kingston Ontario Fogerty – 5/27/2009

Went to see John and was blown away by your drumming.  Tommy Lee would have a Pink Belt in Cowardism if he ever had to follow your Tenth Degree Black Belting!!!!!!!!!!  What a performance!  John should move you up another four hundred feet to the front!  Greatest Regards!


Kingston Ontario!

John Fogerty concert – 5/26/2009 

My friends and I saw you perform last night in Kingston, Ontario with John Fogerty and although John was good, we found we couldn’t take our eyes off you as you are so amazing!  I have never been so impressed with a drummer and all my girlfriends were just in awe of how well you play (and how fit you look, too!) and since we were still talking about your performance, I thought I’d drop you a line a let you know!
Have a great tour!
Kingston, Ontario

Ur the man – 5/22/2009 

Hi Kenny, Steve from Montreal here – u were awesome last night and rocked the hell out of the Bell Centre.  Watching you play is a blast and you seem to be in total control at all times.  I have seen you a few times in the past – With Joe Cocker opening for the Guess Who and way back when you were part of John Cougar Mellencamp – saw you on the Scarecrow tour – u were awesome then and you are way better now.  If we could only get the BoDeans back to Montreal again.  I saw them around 20 years ago – no idea if you were drumming for them.  Keep the beat.


Fogerty in Summerside, PEI Canada – 5/18/2009 

You have been my favourite rock drummer since I first saw you in Mellencamp videos years ago. It was always a dream of mine to actually see you play live…. so you could imagine my surprise to see you behind the kit at a recent John Fogerty show! I was elated. Having you slam through the old CCR tunes was a total treat. Even the half dozen or so non-musical friends I was with were commenting on the drummer being amazing. Your presence and commitment is undeniable and the memory of catching you in such a great show will be branded in my memory. Thanks for being the monster you are behind the kit, and an inspiration to a fellow musician.

Summerside, PEI Canada

Impressive website.. – May 15, 2009

Impressive website…really enjoyed viewing the site. Well done!

Bloomington, IN

Windsor, Ontario show – May 7, 2009

Everyone playing behind Joe Cocker May 7th, at the Ceasar’s Casino in Windsor, Ontario was excellent. Kenny, you stood out at all the right moments. It’s always a pleasure to see you play.  I kept grinning and saying, damn he’s good!
Love your work,
Tecumseh, MI

Two new fans!
- April 25, 2009


We wanted to thank you again for your time and energy put into the Jon Hicks Memorial Day of Drums today. We had alot of fun hanging out with you and playing "putty ball!" Who knew it could bounce?! And you now have two new young fans, Rebecca, age 12, and Emma, age 8!  They can’t stop talking about how fun you were and we can’t stop talking about your talent! Hope you made it to the airport in time and if you’re ever in the Atlanta area, stop by for some Southern hospitality, a home cooked meal with water and NO fries! ;)     
Thanks again!

Joyce, Marc, Rebecca, and Emma
Kennesaw, GA

BoDeans Concert – February 9, 2009

I saw you perform at the Bodeans concert in brillion on August 11th, 2007.  I was in the front row right by Sammy.  i had never heard of you before, but your drumming absolutely blew me away.  You were by far the coolest part of that concert.  Since then I went to two Bodeans concerts in the summer of 08, one at Oshkosh and the other at Sheboygan.  Noah Levy was drumming for those concerts though.  I was wondering if you are playing at all this summer with them around that area because i would love to see you play again. You are by far one of the best drummers I have ever heard.

Saw You Yesterday At The Lincoln Memorial  Inaugration
- January 9, 2009

That was awesome and you were great. Every once in a while they showed you on drums.  The shades you were wearing were cool too. I guess Kid Rock is doing something tonight for Obama on MTV I think that’s the channel that is on. It’s a youth concert though I believe. It’s posted at his
I am there also on myspace  as
I hope you will be touring again soon with John Fogerty. I would like to see you all at least once or twice if you are.

Your jaw dropping performance at 2008 Kennedy Center Honors
- December 30, 2008

Your performance at the 2008 Kennedy Center Honors was amazing.  I watched you every second and could not believe the talent you have.  I am looking forward to seeing more of you.


Punta Gorda, Florida

Kennedy Center Honors – December 30, 2008

I was able to take in most of the Kennedy Center Honors on CBS last night.  What an honor in itself to be one of the great musicians chosen to perform on this occasion.  Every one of the inductees deserved this merit.  It was interesting to see you play Rock and Roll in your Kenny A. signature sunglasses and leather vest.  Later, a complete switch to a more formal country look complemented your style with some of the Greats. 

I am wondering if you’ll be touring with or recording some country tunes in the near future.
Here’s to you, Kenny A., a musical drummer who can do it all.  Thanks for keeping us updated on your website.


Kennedy Center Honors – December 30, 2008

I caught the Kennedy Center Honors show on CBS last night. Your drumming was fantastic. What an honor to get to play The Who music for Pete Townsend and Roger Daltry. Your drumming was very tasteful. And then to see you playing the George Jones songs as well. To be able to play different genres on the same night, that is talent. Anyway, I found your webpage. So I look forward to seeing where you end up next. Have a great 2009.

-Dave B.
Tucson, Arizona

Kennedy Center Honors – December 30, 2008

Hello Kenny,

I saw you tonight on The Kennedy Center Honors.   As always you were the greatest. It was so cool to see you playing the drums for the Roger Daltry and Pete Townsend tribute. That was awesome.  And to watch you play the drums for the George Jones Tribute was super. Backing such great country singers as Randy Travis, Alan Jackson and  Garth Brooks. The whole show itself was super  but with you on drums made it more special.
God bless you Kenny. Happy New Year.

LFDH – December 16, 2008

HI Kenny!
I have been a fan of yours for years.  Having seen you with John Mellencamp initially and then seeing you with many other artists over the years, you have remained one of my favorite drummers. 
It was such a delightful surprise to see you on LiveFromDarylsHouse this month! Daryl Hall is my fav singer ever and I loved seeing you play with him. 
Happy Holidays to you!

Billy Pilgrim – Hurricane Season – December 11, 2008

Kenny, My favorite band of all time is Billy Pilgrim, and my favorite song of
theirs is "Hurricane Season."  You put a beat down at the end of that song
that still ranks as the best single groove I’ve ever heard, and I’ve heard
my share.

Tulsa, OK

John Fogerty at ACL Fest – Austin, TX – Sept. 27, 2008

The John Fogerty gig at ACL Fest was outstanding. "Fortunate Son" might be the best live 4 minutes of rock-n-roll that I’ve ever experienced! You guys really looked like you were having fun, we were too! You make great drumming look easy. Keep rockin’ my brother. :-)
Austin, TX

John Fogerty Concert – Charlottesville, VA Pavilion – August 24, 2008

Great concert.  Kenny was awesome.  We were in the 6th row.  The drumming was visceral from there.  Just incredible.


John Fogerty in CT – August 8, 2008       


Saw the John Fogerty show in CT on Aug. 8, excellent show with lots of energy. John definitely surrounds himself with the right kind of talent, but Kenny has tons of energy to give away. He did a small solo that was awesome without needing a lot of flash to appear good as his playing says it all!!  A number of people in the audience was yelling for Kenny the whole show!! Can’t wait to see him play again!!           -Gary

Thanks – August 8, 2008

Kenny: Never having seen you play live, you were simply amazing last night at CMAC in Canandaigua, NY.  My wife and I spent about ½ an hour on a bridge above you stage left, and were in awe of your energy and talent.  I grew up playing Rush and other funky time rock.  But you are a breath of fresh air.  I was especially impressed with your ambidexterity — you keeping time equally hard with both sides of your body.  It was quite an experience, and I am now proud to say I am a fan.  Thanks for the workout last night.  You made an evening of memorable songs that much more memorable with your playing.

BTW, you clearly enjoy the other guys in the band —you were throwing things at each other all through the set.


Drum Clinic – Bozeman, Montana – July 27, 2008

Kenny Aronoff returned to Bozeman, MT this past Sunday, July 27, to give another stellar drum clinic.  If you missed this performance, you missed an opportunity to see the BEST in the world.  What more can you say about this human being?  He is truly a legend in the drumming world.  He has played with legendary musicians and was recently the drummer who played with Mellencamp.  Mellencamp was just inducted into the Hall of Fame this past March, 2008.  Kenny Aronoff was the driving force behind Mellencamp and made this all happen.  Recently on a break from his tour with John Fogerty, Kenny has taken the time to show his wares to drummers in our part of the world who don’t normally get the opportunity to witness this huge talent in person.  Those who attended were given more than they could have ever expected, which is downright Force and Power of Rock and Roll with total finnesse within it.  You learn something from Kenny every time you see him play.

His drumming philosophy is truly an extension of his love of life.  He is doing what he loves, and loves what he is doing and is willing to share this with anyone who thirsts for the skills he possesses.  My thanks to Kenny A. and everyone responsible for bringing him back.  Thanks to Music Villa for hosting such a living legend.  And thank you Kenny for being who you are and I am grateful to be your friend.  See you later, because YOU ROCK!!!
-Bob Spencer

Thanks from Flanders, Belgium – June 19, 2008

I had one of the greatest musical evenings yesterday 19/06/2008, as I went to see Fogerty’s show "Revival" in Vorst, Belgium. Being only 25 I have never experienced Woodstock or any of the historical peaks of rock music. But hey, after yesterday I can only say that rock may never have sounded this alive, and that CCR or John Fogerty could never have rocked this much at Woodstock, simply because you weren’t playing the drums back then!
So I can only say thank you for this great experience. I’m already looking forward to your next visit to Belgium.
By the way, as the evening wasn’t already great enough, I grasped on to one of your drumsticks you threw in the crowd after the show. Thank you for this fantastic souvenir!
All the best!
Flanders, Belgium, Europe

Kenny with John Fogerty in Frankfurt – June 10, 2008

What a killer rock show.

Hardly anybody who had seen a Fogerty show last year could imagine that there is room for an improvment. But Kenny made it possible.

Thanks a lot for this amazing rockin’ evening. Kenny is able to get better and better and better on such a high level, every time I see him playing!

After the first two songs I thought about hanging my drumsticks, but no way. His stunning performance gives me reason to try and practice and get better myself. And that’s not only about drumming. Please try to come back soon, for another lesson of pure rock.


John Fogerty Concert in Erfurt
- June 7, 2008

Hello Mr. Aronoff

I was now in my third John Fogerty Erfurt in concert and must say they are
simply the best drummer I’ve seen everything they can play no matter what and
have the timing just the sinn is in the drumsolo keep on chooglin was the hammer
I play drums themselves and must say that my best sind .Danke big sinn for this
show in erfurt.

Lucas from Germany

Featured Drummer – May 12, 2008

Mr Aronoff,
First of all, you are awesome. I have been a fan for a long time and you have been one of my influences.
Also I wanted you to know that you are the featured drummer this week at the 9 Lives Of Peter Criss Community fan forum.
Thank you so much for all the work you have given us!!!!
Admin of The 9 Lives Of Peter Criss

You are SO AWESOME !! – May 6, 2008

I watch you on the John Fogerty videos on YouTube.  You really rock! 
Thanks for the pleasure of listening to John sing and watching you play drums.

Brisbane Australia – 2008

Hi Kenny,
Never have I been, nor would I have expected to have been, to a concert for a big name band and be totally mesmerised by the talents of the drummer.  The John Fogerty concert in Brisbane was just the one, sorry John you were great but Kenny was phenomenal.  The energy, passion and gifted flair you showed Kenny throughout the concert was indisputable brilliance and for me the linchpin for the night, along with Fogerty, of course :) !  To see how you moved and hear the life you produced in the sound is something I won’t easily forget, I am definitely now a fan.  Hope to catch you playing somewhere in the US when there later this year.  - Cheers  Lee from Aus.

Hey Kenny

April 20, 2008

Hey Kenny,
i was a big fan vrom CCR en john fogerty.
Nouw i or the big fan vrom you.
You en fogerty a greatist, is fantastic.
Sorry mij english is not good….Ingrid, Netherland

StreamWinner – April 17, 2008

Hey Kenny,
It’s great to hear you are doing so well.
I’ve come across many videos etc., and it always brings back the old days at the Vouge in Indy with Stream Winner.
With that 6 degrees of separation theory, maybe I’ll see you live again one day!
Thanks for being an inspiration through the years with my drumming.

Newcastle, Australia – March 29, 2008    


Hey Kenny, have just walked out from the Fogerty show here in Newcastle, Aus. absolutely brilliant ! ! !  Where do you get the energy? Thanks for visiting our town.
Keep on Rocking – Scott

From Patrick – R n R Hall of Fame- March 12, 2008

As a drummer and a fan, it was hard for me to be at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and not see Kenny taking his rightful place on the stage. To honor only the singer, and not the driving force behind the music was wrong. To me it’s like giving Robert Plant an award and leaving out John Bonham. Kenny’s continual success and his long lasting career is his ultimate revenge. Keep Rocking!!

Just A Note – March 7, 2008

Hi Kenny, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope it’s your best yet and that you get to do something fun. -Patricia

Kenny, I Saw You On Leno Last night With John Fogerty’s Band
– Feb. 22, 2008

And I thought you were great as always. And the compliment that Fogerty
gave you the other night on
Soundstage TV broadcast about you being the best drummer in the world.
I would agree with that.
I hope that you come to Ohio soon for a concert. Peace, Sandra

LaVaLee Club Date – January 16, 2008

I attended the Show at LaVaLee Jazz Club on January 16th where Kenny
Aronoff was playing drums for Marco Mendoza, Soren Andersen and other
guests. This is an intimate club, where the audience is only a few feet
from the band. Marco was playing some of his new songs off his "Live
for Tomorrow" CD. Marco has played with Ted Nugent, Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake
and recently was on tour with Dolores O’Riordan of the Cranberries.
I was fortunate enough to be sitting at a small table with an excellent
view of Kenny A doing what he does best. If you are reading this, you
already know the list of great musicians Kenny has played with over his
fantastic career. For me, to witness a live performance up close and personal
was an event not often captured by the masses out there. I’ve seen a number
of concerts, usually from a distance either below or above the stage in
the nosebleed sections, but this was a special experience that is too
good to appreciate unless you were there. Sum it up by saying that Kenny
is his usual self, gracious and professional and one hell of a player,
especially when you are so close you can literally reach out and touch
someone of his caliber. Thanks Kenny!! Bob

Drum Clinic @ Lonestar Percussion – December 10, 2007

I really enjoyed the clinic you gave on December 10, 2007 at Lonestar
Persussion. Thanks for the showing me how to tune my drums and the picture
taken of you and I together came out super! I have an 8 X10 of it over
my desk at work on Barksdale AFB, LA. I hope you come back to this area
soon and do another clinic and tell some more stories. I did as you suggested
and picked up some old AC/DC music and am working on “Back in Black”

Last night at Nokia – December 8, 2007

About your Pearl Harbor Day (12/7/2007) performance in Grand Prairie,

Thursday night my wife and I enjoyed a fantastic show at Nokia, Mr. Stevie
Wonder – fantastic. All day Friday I walked around with a big smile on
my face. What a thrill. But, I was thinking well Fogerty will be nice,
but Stevie can’t be topped.

Then Friday night rolled around and Fogerty started blasting out those
old CCR tunes with as much or more power than he’s ever had before. I
was stunned. I see a lot of the old guys and girls on tour and more than
half are really tired. There really was something of a Revival taking
place. As the night blasted on I caught myself thinking that this was
even better than CCR. I couldn’t figure out what the heck. Then his wife
and daughter announced the Grammy nomination for rock album of the year.
While the music blasted on, I recognized that good old feeling deep down
in my chest, that pounding thunder. Then Fogerty introduced you as, "The
greatest rock and roll drummer in the world." Well excuse me, but,
you must have felt like a freaking king. I’m thinking that you made the
difference between what would have been an excellant show, to one that
I’ll consider to be one of the best rock shows ever. I hope Fogerty wins
that Grammy. Thank you. -David

Awesome performance!! – December 3, 2007

Oh, what a treat!! I attended the John Fogerty concert December 3 at
the Louisville Palace Theater. I didn’t know who the musicians would be.
I was mesmerized not only by Aronoff’s sound but watching him play was
just as amazing! This was the best concert I have been to in a long time!
Thanks for giving my husband and me a very enjoyable night out! – Pam

Nokia Live LA Performance – November 23, 2007


One word…OUTSTANDING! You just keep getting better and better.
To be introduced as Special and a Legend by Fogerty – is an honor. But
to watch you play and hear that unmistakeable sound in person is a priviledge
and will give anyone who truly appreciates your craft chills. My guests
and I were in awe to say the least. Thank you for making last night one
of the most memorable in a long, long time. Simply Genius! ROCK ON…

Kenny some things never change – November 15, 2007

I was just reading over some of Kenny’s fan notes, and I have to tell
you a story about Kenny. My name is Rudy and I frist met kenny some 23
yrs ago. And after reading the story from the spot light op from Count
Basie Theater 11/8/07 it just reminds me of the time I frist met kenny.I
worked a t"the little Nashville opry " back in 1981-1984 as
a spot light opr and kenny was on break from playing with John Mellencamp.
He sat in as the house drummer for 3 or 4 mo and i got a chance to become
good friends with him. he was always nice to the crew and anyone that
he had contact with. I was only 17 then and was playing in a high school
rock band, and remember asking Kenny things about the road, and anything
and everything and he always made time for me….he was and still is a
very kind an caring person. In a time in a young persons life when you
look up to people like Kenny it makes an inpact on your life. Iwill never
forget the time I got to work around Kenny….and I am 41 yrs old now
with 3 kids of my own, I still play the drums and I still look up to the
guy that made time for me back when I was just a kid. Thanks Kenny! keep
rocking!!! -Rudy

Red Bank Fogerty Show – November 8, 2007

I am a stagehand at The Count Basie Theater where Kenny performed with
Fogerty on Nov. 8 Not only was it a thrill to meet one of the greatest
drummer’s on the planet, but what a cool, friendly guy. I run across hundreds
of well-known musicians each year and most of them are a bit distant or
unaccessable. I understand this, as they are trying to prepare for a show.
But it’s always nice to get a "hello" or a "thanks for
the hard work" from someone. Mr. Aronoff (can I call him Kenny?)
went above and beyond that as he just seems to have a radiant personality
that affects others in positive ways. His drumming was amazing, of course,
adding new life to the CCR material without taking away from the original
sound. My fiance’ – a massage therapist at the Theater – was thrilled
to meet him too and stayed for the show just to see him play! She thanks
you for the drum sticks Kenny!! What a treat – keeponarockin!!! –Daniel

Kenny, I Saw You Also On Letterman – October 11, 2007

You really rocked. I thought you were great. I do hope you come to Ohio
sometime in the near future.
You are one of the best drummers I have ever seen. -Sandra

Late Show with Letterman – October 3, 2007

I saw you and Fogerty’s band last night on Letterman. Nice tune and great
sound. Fogerty is still a Rocker and you blend this band together. You
make it ROCK!!! Letterman had an amusing comment about the Drummer last
night…Did he call you a left-handed drummer, I wasn’t sure what he said??
Hope the tour goes well for you this fall. -Bob

September 12, 2007

Man… you have played with everyone and all I have ever heard was your
name… or read it inside a label… I played drums and percussion since
I was 10 years old… my mom said it wouldn’t take me anywhere… so I
ended up going to college… still played in bands to make the rent…
but I quit and became a plumber… but my ambition was to be a studio
musician and play with people like you have played with…. still wonder
how you pulled some of the stuff off on "Never Say Die" on the
Young Guns 2 album…. Keep rocking and doing what you love for a living…

What a difference! BoDeans @ Last Fling – September 1, 2007

To say that Kenny enhances any band he plays with is an understatement!

I’ve been lucky enough to see him play with many different artists. Over
Labor Day weekend he played with the BoDeans. I had seen the BoDeans earlier
in the summer without Kenny on the drums. They were SO much better with
Kenny! It wasn’t just my enthusiasm and the crowd’s enthusiasm, but in
the band’s performance. There is no way an artist can be on stage with
Kenny and not get totally into the show…its impossible! The band was
constantly turning to him and enjoying every minute of playing with him.

My only "disappointment" was not to see you drumming on a guitar
again like you did with the BoDeans in 2005. That was special!

I look forward to the next time…with whatever band it may be!


You were excellent in Victoria – August 1, 2007

Hi Kenny: This is the very first time that I have ever emailed an artist
through a fan website. I am 49 years old and my husband Pete and I saw
you in Victoria on August 1st. We have been to many many concerts over
the years especially the big name bands such as the Rolling Stones, The
Who, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Elton John, and Led Zeppelin just to mention
a few but I have never seen a drummer quite like you before.

I can honestly tell you that I was absolutely mesmerized by your drumming.
I just couldn’t take my eyes off of you!!! You were just sensational and
I enjoyed every second of that concert. I must be honest and tell you
that I had no idea who you were before the concert but I will NEVER forget
you now or your brilliant performance until the day I die!!!

Thank you for adding such a huge dimension to the John Fogerty concert!!!
I only hope that I am lucky enough to get another opportunity to see you
again!!! Thank you so much for making that evening so special.

-Veronica, Chemainus, BC, Canada

Incredible performance in Victoria, BC – August 1, 2007

John Fogerty was great in concert last night, Aug. 1 in Victoria, BC,
but as a drummer/percussionist, I was in awe of how the drummer can take
an incredible talent like John and take it up a notch.

As I peered through my binoculars at John on stage, I kept sliding over
to Kenny to watch him.

At first I thought Kenny was left handed since he was playing the high
hat with his left arm, then all of a sudden he was playing the snare with
his left arm and a second high hat hidden among his cymbals, was being
hit with his right hand. Wow. When he was using his left arm to play the
high hat and his right snapping on the snare, it gave such an exact commanding

Congrats on a great performance.

-Brad, Victoria, BC, Canada

Awesome in Winnipeg – July 26, 2007

The show in Winnipeg was amazing. John was great but I couldn’t
take my eyes off of Kenny, what an awesome drummer. I’ve seen him a couple
times with John Cougar Mellancamp a long time ago, but he has gotten even
better. His presence made the show one of the best I have ever seen. Hope
you guys come back. -Marc

John Fogerty in Wiesen, Austria – July 15, 2007

I was at the John Fogerty show in Wiesen (Austria) and it was one of
the best rock shows I’ve ever seen. It was the first time I saw Kenny
Aronoff with John (previously 7 times with Melissa Etheridge) but the
energy on stage thanks to Kennys power-drumming was phenomenal. He simply
Hope to see you again soon, Ines

Kenny and John at Burg Abenberg – July 11, 2007

It was good to see John relaxed as he was after all that he’s been through,
but it was a lot better to see Kenny.
Awesome, terrific, breathtakingly powerful! That guy really is something

Well, I knew that before.

John Fogerty at Odense on Independence Day – July 4, 2007

Went to Odense for the John Fogerty concert on Independence Day.

Powerful and envigouring performance giving a real boost to the rest
of the band and the rest of us a great experience.

Just plain awesome!

Will be watching for your next appearence in Denmark – hope it won’t
take too long.

My deepest respect to you!

All the best from BigBen

Best Rock Show Ever Seen: John Fogerty with Kenny Aronoff – June
29, 2007

Last friday we went to the John Fogerty concert in Mainz/Germany. Believe
it or not, that was the very best rock’n roll show I have ever seen so
far – and I did see a few.

No posing, no pyro, no laser or other needless stuff. Just a handfull
of the greatest musicians who knew what to do: Giving best they can and
rock the house to the ground. Above all, the backbone: Kenny Aronoff on
drums. Every time I saw him, he was great. But on friday it was even more
full of passion, phenomenal, totally rockin’, powerfull, ….

Audience was great too. John came back for a second encore, something
he hardly did before.

Everybody who calls himself a rocker should have a piece of that passion
in his heart. Otherwise you’re only a poser.

11 Points out of 10

All the Best to you, Marco + Jonah

John Fogerty at Glastonbury – 6/26/07

Watched the gig on TV on Saturday night. Absolutely blinding set – the
band were the business. I noticed it was Kenny playing straight away –
didn’t need to see him – I knew the sound. It’s a long time since I saw
Kenny play live – John Meelencamp in Birmingham U K in the late 80′s.
Wish people like Fogerty would play more extensive U K dates, rather than
just London – how about Cardiff!

Fogerty Tour – 6/25/07

For me, Kenny was the only musician on the stage (which is a bit of a
shame considering the talent, especially Fogerty himself). The experience
was sublime in the mode of Bernini’s ‘Teresa of Avila’. Lovely. -Amanda.

Wembly Arena – 6/22/07

Just got back from the John Fogerty tour at Wembley, which as expected
was superb. Something that will always stay in our memory is the drummer,
a certain Kenny Aronoff. Described in one word I can only say unbelievable.
I have been to many concerts and rate that as the best I have seen. Shame
John didn’t let you have a solo spell. Look forward to seeing you in this
country again. All the very best mate -David

A Recent Review – 6/8/07

Last night I went to one of Kenny’s drum clinics in Santiago, Chile.
I am not a drummer; I simply went on behalf of the US Embassy. I was totally
surprised with the performance. I never realized how important the drum
is to great music. His smashing of the drums last night was awesome. Keep
up the great work!!! -Lewis

Thanks!!! Drum Clinic in Argentina – 6/6/07

Well… I will tell you the truth… It´s 9:48 pm 6th June….
and a couple of hours ago a drummer played in Buenos Aires…
I was going to see John Fogerty´s drummer… a guy called Kenny
Aronoff… I didn´t know much about this person…. but…. as soon
as this person started to play…. WOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! KENNY YOU ARE A
you are fantastic…. now I know why some people told me you are HUGE!!!!

Thanks very much for coming!!! I will be waiting for you next year!!!!!

512 HWANTASTIC ! Thank you !!! – 5/14/07

I saw you in the 512 HWANTASTIC. It was really FANTASTIC!! Because of
You are sooo fantastic, amazing, great, wonderful, and incredible !!!!
Your drum sound beats my heart and soul. So, very very thank YOU and LOVE
YOU !! I wish that we will meet again at Lee’s concert. Every day and
God bless you.

A Letter From Korea – 5/13/07

Hello, Kenny~!! My name is Mi-Kyung from Korea. I am a big fan of Mr.
Seung-Hwan Lee. I really want to say thank you for the wonderful concert
that you had last Saturday. Your drumming was great, fantastic, incredible!!!!!!
I couldn’t wait to see you, since Mr. Seung-Hwan Lee mentioned that you
would take part in his concert for the first time. My Boss (Which is Mr.
Lee’s Nickname) quite often told us that you’re a incredible drummer.
And your drumming was far beyond my expectations. It was a great experience.
Even though I don’t have much knowledge of music. I could feel that you
are the best. Two thumbs up!!!! Thank you so much for the great music.
I wish this concert gave you a happy memory of Korea. If it’s possible,
please come again and have another fantastic concert with us. The only
thing that I’m not happy about was that I couldn’t hold your hand (I was
in the 2nd row of G2 section which was very close to you.) I hope for
another chance to touch the hand of great drummer someday. Thank you and
hope to see you again. Best regards, Mi-Kyung

Philip Sayce show – March 24, 2007

Kenny you really are the KING of the Drums! It was such a joy for me
to see you play again with Philip Sayce this week. You rock my world.
You, Roger and Philip are going to kick A_S in Japan next week. I can’t
wait to see you perform again next month in LA. I hope you enjoy the buttons
I gave you too. Take care. Thank you so much. Jen

Young Guns – March 6, 2007

I love what you did on the young guns cd , the music was awesome. I love
all your drumming on everything you have done, keep up the good work,
I hope to see you one day. TAKE CARE, TOM

Kuala Lumpur Clinic

Wassup Kenny!

This might come a little late, but amazing show in Kuala Lumpur!

I don’t know if you can recall, my name’s Azwin Andy. I’m one of the
TV hosts that interviewed u before and after your set… and yes happy
new year!

Also like to thank you for putting me up on your blog! That is definitely
an honour! My brother called me up to tell me that i was on your web the
moment he spotted it.

I also have a video of me interviewing u, thought you’d wanna have it,
my producer took it from my phone….
i’ll send it to u right after this..and also i wanted to show you my band,
ESTRANGED’s latest song that we’ve
recorded end of 2006..hope i make you proud! i’ll send it after this as

If you ever come to Kuala Lumpur for a show or a holiday, keep in touch

Cheers and take care

Camerata Show
- December 10, 2006

Thank you, Kenny Aronoff, for performing at the Camerata Series in Bloomington,
Indiana today! For you to have received a roaring and enthusiastic standing
ovation from an audience of orchestra-goers whose average age had to be
over 50 years is an achievement in itself! As the ovation roared on, I
laughed like crazy as you gave the rock-power fist in a tongue-in-cheek
manner and said, "Bloomington!", and we the audience responded.
It was like watching orchestra fans at a rock concert, and we in the audience
certainly were giving it up after we being treated to Buddy Rich-style
jazz drumming backed by a full orchestra (after Ravel and Gershwin!).
The Power of the Drums drove some great jazz, and moved our souls.

The consensus in the Atrium after the show to the question on everyone
lips: "Have you ever seen anything like this before?" was "This
has never happened before!" It was as though everyone excitedly felt
they had been witness to a
first-ever show of a lifetime.

Bloomington Author Elsa Marston likened the last song to a hurricane,
where the intensity of the moment gathers momentum into uncontrollable
chaos, lessening into the calmness of the eye, and then growing again,
reverting into the crashing wildness of a natural power that is primal
and raging, before resuming into the normalcy of life (or something like
that, I cannot remember the exact words). Someone then said "Art
is great when it represents the Power of the Universe", and we were
all excited we had been there to see and hear it.

During that song, when you set up the tenor sax perfectly and then enhanced
his solo with your drumming, my wife reached over to hold my hand, and
from the cheers of the audience afterwards I believe that more than one
couple felt the love!

Listening to you talk with the audience after the show, we heard you explain
the mindset of the true professional, as you described the process of
transposing the music and as you related how you were up practicing until
3:00 A.M. last night getting the sound to a level you felt comfortable
in performing the next day.

Illya Harik asked rhetorically whether hearing you play would inspire
a muscian to succeed, or cause that person to give up. Our group discussion
came to the agreed conclusion that while ‘we’ could never hope to play
the drums as good as you, your performance definately inspired us to do
our absolute best in whatever endeavor we ourselves aspired to achieve.
In this way, you transformed our lives. Watching someone who has obviously
found something they like to do and is doing their best at it creates
an atmosphere where others are inspired to do the same. Thank you!

My daughter has been raised on John Mellencamp hits, and for you to so
graciously take the time to talk to her as a person, and to kindly give
her a personal autograph I am sure she will treasure, is one more benefit
to this amazing show. As my wife told me afterwards, you are a rock star
who is also a dedicated muscian and perfectionist, an artist who by his
performance helps all those who are in attendence.

I am sure that you created lots of new fans with this show, and you solidified
my fandom. I cannot wait to talk to my son and tell him about your committment
to preparation and performance, as I am sure that it will help him in
all that he strives to achieve. You most surely hit the groove today and
had a fantastic performance, and I feel confident that your attention
to detail creates the scenario where a great performance is the norm.

I am energized and happy to have been among those who have seen and heard
the show today, and will follow the website looking for other shows I
can attend. I am also ordering your instructional book/tapes on "Laying
It Down", as you most surely did that today, and most assuredly do
that on every album/CD which I have heard you playing on, which includes
the Mellencamp CD "Whenever We Wanted To", which my wife and
I listened to last night, and, as always, were up and dancing at the song
The Melting Pot. Thanks for the music!

Best wishes, Dave (and Linda and Stephanie)
Bloomington, Indiana

It’s all over but the cigarette! – December 4, 2006

I had the distinct pleasure of hearing first hand what Mr. Aronoff can
do with a pair of sticks and a drum set! And I must say, I have been mesmerized,
traumatized, and patronized by some of the world’s leading rock drummers
in my day, but I have never felt like I wanted to smoke after the show.

It was a beautiful sunny, not too hot day in St. Louis this past August
when I was a guest at the John Fogerty show and had the pleasure of meeting
Kenny and hearing him play. Thanks to my friend Dave, I was treated to
a concert that I spent most of it on my feet clapping and screaming with
sheer delight at the music that pounded that stadium with melodic rocket
force. Mr. Fogerty has the knack for gathering the best in the business
to support one of the few legend rock and roll voices of all time. My
sincere thanks to Mr. Forgerty for his incredible musical wisdom!!!

For two hours I was amazed at the sheer power it takes to master a concert
set like that. There were no breaks in the action until almost the end
of a very intense show.

Kenny brought to life some of the most important music of our time as
if he had had a hand in playing it the first time around. Seamlessly this
band went from song to song with the cool edge of steel rhythm driving
it and a very soft place for the melody to fall. It was magic for the
audience. The music sealed in time for the person who never knew Mr. Fogerty
before that night. I promise they will never forget him or the band that
played beside him.

I promise anyone that ever has the privilege of hearing Mr. Aronoff play
in person, will never forget him. He is worth the price of a concert ticket
alone no matter who he is playing for. I am hoping to catch up with him
in Nashville or in my many travels again sometime. Until then, I have
this uncanny urge to smoke right now………And I haven’t picked up a
cigarette for four years. -Mary

Blog – November 24, 2006

I just wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed your blog. It’s so interesting
to hear about your European and Australian tours and what your days are
like while you’re there. I can’t believe you can actually go on little
to no sleep at all, especially drumming as hard and fast as I know you
do from seeing you live at various concerts (MLE, Fogerty, Bodeans). I
also thought it was cool of you to try to articulate your experiences
with such large audiences as those for whom you held drum clinics. And
I can relate to the feeling of having an audience’s full attention since
I am a teacher myself (of college English). When there is such enthusiasm
and hunger for knowledge in the air, it is exhilarating. It is such a
contrast from those other moments when students ignore your lectures or
simply act bored. I do live for the times when I know the students are
"getting it and wanting it." Thanks for sharing the specialness
of what you do. It is very inspiring, not only to my teaching but to my
desire for playing drums. Sincerely, Shelly

Koblenz, Germany clinic – November 19, 2006

What an amazing experience it was to see you performing your drum clinic
in Koblenz. We will never forget that, especially because you mentioned
Jonah in your blog. That little thing by you gave and still gives him
an unbelievable amount of motivation for learning and playing the drums.
So to all the people out there reading this: If you ever have the chance
to meet Mr. Kenny Aronoff, do it. And you will see what Imean with "Mr.
Rock and Mr. Kindness". Mr. Aronoff, you recieved this longes tapplause
because of your love for music and drumming that everyone could see and
feel. Hope we meet again sometime, somwhere. -Marco J. with Jonah

Fantastic – November 4, 2006

Thank you so much for coming down to little Adelaide for an amazing
clinic on Thursday night. I have been drumming for only a year and a half
and it is drummers like you who help inspire to get better and better.
It was an honour meeting you and yes I will keep the female drummers going!
I wanted to ask many questions about your time with the Smashing Pumpkins
but saw there was a keen room full of people also keenly wanting to talk
to you! -Chloe

brilliant clinic – November 2, 2006

Just a quick word from Paul in Western Australia. I went to your clinic
in Perth with a friend of mine and we both thought it was just fantastic.
I play drums myself in a local group and it was such an inspiration to
not only see your clinic but also to lap up the sheer energy and absolute
honest enthuseasm of Kenny Aronoff. I also love the way you passionately
speak about the importance of energy and feeling and the overall band
sound. A true legend of the drumming world. Thank you for your fire in
the guts inspiration Kenny.

Love your work! – November 2, 2006

I was at your seminar in Perth last night. It was amazing! You have such
a great presence, so humble yet so insanely passionate. You are an inspiration
to me and I am sure you will be the inspiration for many of the young
drummers and musicians that were in the audience. Thank you so much for
taking your time to come to places like Perth and sharing your stories
and knowledge. I hope you enjoy the rest of OZ- Kerry. X

Thank you for visiting Korea – October 27, 2006

Hi~ You were wonderful in Korea on October 22, 2006. I was really glad
to see you. Do you
remember DRUM LINE?.. that is a drum academy’s name. If you remember that
name, I will be a happy event for me. Thank you for reading.

Hello!! – October 14, 2006

In May of this year, i was invited up to bozeman, montana to attend one
of your clinics and i was completely inspired and blown away. I was really
touched of how open you were to questions and how unbelievably humble
and totally cool you were. Thank you for the awesome clinic. I hope to
meet you again. -Adam





Greetings – October 11, 2006

Hey Kenny, Just wanted to say how happy I am to be reading that you are
drumming with a lot of good musicians out there. I attended your drum
clinic here in Indianapolis a few years ago, and have been a fan ever
since. Keep up the good work, and come back to Indianapolis when you get
the chance. Regards, Ace

From Holland to my hero – October 9, 2006

I think I’m gonna freak out!!! I read on your site that you’re coming
to Germany in November. It’s not sure if I can be there, but I really
hope so. I’m really looking forward to it. The new photos are really great.
I didn’t know you used to have such long hair :) And the new videos are
very awesome. I think I’ve watched like a 1000 times. Well, keep on inspiring
me and I wish you all the best. Hope to see you soon. Your biggest fan
in the whole wide world, -George.

"Show" up – October 1, 2006

Where is everybody? I saw Kenny and Phil Sayce at LaVeLee in Studio City
and the room wasn’t full? Are you kidding it’s like having them play in
your living room. They play there again Oct. 12. You should be there,
they threw down some serious music last week. -LUCH74

Mexico City – Sept. 14, 2006

Hey : ) Last nights show in mexico city was so good. i hope you all enjoyed
it as much as we did. I especially enjoyed the last two minutes, when
i got to play "proud mary" along with you ;) and thanks for
the drumsticks. i’ve been smiling all day. -Karen

Los Angeles at the Greek Theatre – Sept. 2, 2006

Dear Robo-Drummer, what planet are you from and where do they park the
mothership? The show I heard was one of the best ever for me. Thank you
for the experience and I hope to catch another show in the near future.
Good health and happiness, Scot.

Raleigh, North Carolina – July 2006

Still feeling the euphoria of the show with John Fogerty in Raleigh ,
NC last week–you were brilliant, and it was an amazing show! First time
I saw you play live was about a year ago with the Bodeans. I was with
my sister Kacy who was opening–and had the experience of a lifetime hearing
you rock from backstage. It was no less amazing being out in the audience
though–you gave it all and I’m telling you everyone out there felt it.

I had been talking a lot about Kenny Aronoff since seeing you live–so
my husband looks over at me after a couple of songs and said, "I
get it!" (okay, with a couple of expletives). Kenny, you have unbelievable
talent and heart–and you are one inspiring human being. Thanks for a
great night! -Karen

VA Beach Show – July 31, 2006

I just caught Kenny playing with John Fogerty last night in VA Beach.
Not knowing who was playing in Fogerty’s band, I was floored to see Kenny
behind the skins — it was my first time seeing him play live (after decades
of seeing/hearing him play on TV/albums with countless musicians). I looked
through my binoculars to make sure and leaned over to my girlfriend and
said that’s a drummer I idolized when I was a kid listening to John Cougar
albums. No mistaking his energy and rock solid style. Awesome! – Jay

Hoosier Drummer – July 25, 2006

Being a native Hoosier and fellow drummer, it has been a pleasure listening
to and learning from Kenny all these years; and as a Bloomington, IN resident
you would have thought I would have at least bumped into him at a local
grocery store?? A couple months ago my wife and I got tickets to see The
BoDeans in Indiananpolis; and to my pleasant surprise guess who was laying
down the beat??? For the first time I finally got to see Kenny perform,
and at 42 years old, this was the FIRST time. To say the very least it
was incredible! In my “ears”, no other percussionist in the
past 20 years holds a candle to his chops and abilities.

Kenny makes us “Hoosier” drummers proud! Cheers! Scott

Fogerty Show – July 24, 2006

Just saw the John Fogerty show in Tampa last night, and at one point
during the set, I turned to my son and said, "The drummer is a monster!"
John is a master of arranging, and Kenny, you filled the bill nicely.
What a great night for me, as CCR was one of my early favorites as a teenager.
I know the drummer can make or break the band, and I commend you on an
awesome job!

Mark (a guitarist, but a drummer wannabe)

Kenny at DrumFest in Utah – May 13, 2006

Kenny’s drumming was of course truly amazing and his clinic inspiring!
Best of all he was one of the nicest people I have ever met; courteous
to fans as well as other clinicians and performers. Many professional
drummers should take a lesson from Kenny Aronoff! -Jared

Bozeman, MT Clinic – May 11, 2006

Hi Kenny, Thanks for the fabulous Drum Clinic at Music Villa in Bozeman,
Montana, on Thursday evening, May 11th, 2006. I have been following your
career since about 1985. Your energy and enthusiasm at what you do goes
far beyond the playing itself. You are a Master at your craft. What a
great experience to behold the great one playing up close and personal
and sharing so much with an audience.

I was honored to have met you and was able to get your signature Tama
Snare Drum you played on at this clinic. The next day I returned to Music
Villa and purchased the remainder of the kit you used for the clinic.
Thanks for the words and inspiration. We all strive to be better at what
you are so gifted with, playing drums…

Tama is fortunate to have you as an endorser. I look forward to seeing
you again in the near future. Our paths crossed once before at the Winter
NAMM in Anaheim, CA in January, 1993. You Rock, Dude!!!

Thanks, Bob

Yakima, WA Clinic – May 9, 2006

Kenny, I have been to many clinics. Your energy and commitment are never
a debatable issue.Your kindness to each and every musician in the room
is another reason you deserve all the success you have earned. To a professional
and classy human being I wish you continued success. As we agree, Life,
live it or watch it. Pick one! -The Buzz

Belated Kudos – April 21, 2006

While I was working in a mid-west music store, I was fortunate enough
to host several of Kenny’s drum clinics throughout the 1980′s. Since Kenny’s
drumming speaks for itself I’ll simply add that Kenny was always the most
gracious and generous person to deal with. He went out of his way to make
himself available and went beyond the call of duty on several occasions.
It was always a privilege to work with Kenny and I’m not the least bit
surprised to see that he’s built such a successful career.

Thanks Kenny for a great clinic at Daddy’s in Hartford! – Pat and Steve
from Massachusetts – April 18, 2006

Just a quick note to say how glad my son and I were to meet you at the
clinic. You had some fun stories, an “intense” performance,
as my son said and gave a true sense of what a professional musician (especially
drummers) can expect in the current music industry. We live in central
MA and it’s tough to find professional drum instruction, so when
the clinic came around, I thought it would be a good opportunity to give
my son some inspiration. Needless to say, your clinic exceeded my expectations
and was a great topic of conversation on the hour long drive back home.
You seem to be a real genuine person. Thanks again. Best of luck in all
you do. -Pat and Steve from Massachusetts

John Fogerty Show in Houston – Glenn, Janet, Randy & Debbie – March,

Hello Kenny! I am a volunteer on one of the many committees that makes
up the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Last nights show was the first
of this rodeo season that we attended. Before we could even get comfortable
in our seats, I looked up on the big screen and hollered to my better
half Janet, that’s Kenny Aronoff on drums. First time we actually saw
or knew who you were was on Willie’s 70th. birthday special on T.V. You
are an amazing drummer and last nights show was incredible. Several of
our friends that have been every night over the first week, said you guys
put on the best show of the Rodeo so far. I know that 65,000 seat stadiums
are not a musicians best friend, but I hope you were treated well and
enjoyed whatever time you spent in the Houston area. Thanks for coming
and treating us to a great Rock and Roll Show. Whomever you may be playing
with in the future, I hope you’ll consider coming back to Texas again.
All the Best. Your fans in Houston, Glenn, Janet, Randy & Debbie

Thanks for visiting Chile! – Cristian – February, 2006

I had the chance to see you playing in my city "Santiago".Chile.
I was surprised to see you in the local newspaper, where they refered
to you as one of the most greatest drummer of all times!….I saw your
performance full of energy and showmanship. I felt really inspired for
all you displayed that night. Fortunally there is drummers like you. I’m
really a fan of yours!!!!!!!! At least I had the chance to see you performing
that’s enough to get the inspiration to study this wonderful instrument
"The drum". i have pictures of you from that night, great memories
and a "broken snare drum". Thanx for sharing your talent in
a simple way. -Cristian, Salt Lake City Utah

Hats off to Mr. Kenny Aronoff – Patrick, NYPD Detective, New York –
January 11, 2006

To the many fans who may not have had the pleasure of meeting Kenny,
I can tell you from my own encounter, he is one of the nicest, and gracious
people I’ve ever met. He has a true love for his craft, and a great appreciation
for his fans. Keep the world Rocking Kenny!!


Greetings from OZ – Kris, Australia – November 14, 2005

I am a 40 yo bass player and I was just listening to some of my old
JCM recordings and I am truly amazed how fantastic your drumming actually
is. You may remember gigs you did with John at the Sydney Entertainment
Centre in the early nineties and how the crowd went crazy when you where
introduced, it is not often drummers get that sort of accolade, mate you
are a legend!  Great web site and I look forward to hearing more
of your work in future. Cheers from Australia,  Kris

EO from North Hollywood, CA- September 26, 2005

i wrote you not too long ago.and the more i listen to FUSED the more
i realize how important you: with glen hughes and tony iommi, mean to
me ……still i’m so efin’ blown away man…thank you…looking forward
to seeing you in concert!

Just thanks – Donna – September, 2005

kenny – wanted to let you know that i am still feeling the effects of
your performance with the bodeans sunday nite at the paradise. i have
been out of the music loop since my daughter was born six years ago but
have been fans of john mellencamp, bodeans and other bands you’ve been
a part of forever. thanks for taking a moment and saying "hey"
to me after the show – i always knew that you were a phenomanal drummer
and dedicated musician, now i know that you are a great person also.

Oh my gawd! -Rebecca, Atlanta, GA – September, 2005

Excited about the prospect of seeing the BoDeans, a band I grew up listening
to as a teen in Wisconsin, I eagerly purchased a ticket for the show in
Atlanta at the Variety Playhouse. As soon as the band came on stage, the
drummer caught my ear. The backbeat was unmistakable. I took a look behind
the drum kit and thought to myself, that dude looks just like Kenny Aronoff…It
took me a couple of songs for it to sink in that it was you! My favorite
drummer of all time, no joke. Being a graduate of IU, and a long time
fan of John Mellencamp, I have followed your career, but never thought
I would see you and your signature style at a BoDeans show. Needless to
say, the show was amazing, and I danced my $&#^@ off all night. Thank
you so much for your skill, your energy, your million dollar smile and,
of course, your washboard abs. ;) You are the music, Kenny, and we are
all better for your contributions. Best to you always -Rebecca, Atlanta,
GA via Bloomington, IN, via Door County, Wisconsin

Stebals Drum clinic, Eastlake, Ohio – September, 2005

Thanks for the awesome clinic at Stebals Drums in Ohio. I am fairly new
to the drumming world so, it was a great honor to meet someone of your
status. I originally got into drumming a couple of years ago when my wife
(then fiance) bought me a kit for Christmas. She was tired of me banging
on all her pots and pans when I was at her house so she decided I needed
some drums. At the time, I was renting an apartment. My neighbors and
landlord weren’t real happy with me. But, we got married got a house and
new neighbors… now they’re pissed off at me!!! As I told the police
several times… "Drums don’t come with a volume control!!"
But, I find it to be a great activity to pass the time. I actually had
a couple guys on several nearby streets stop over and ask me if they could
bring over their guitars and jam with me!! Cool! Thanks again for the
awesome clinic, hopefully you can make it back this way some time in the
future for another one! -Joseph
P.S.: I’m the guy that won the Tama snare drum door prize… Awesome!!

BoDeans concert-Washington DC -Jim, Alexandria, VA – September, 2005

I’ve telling my wife for years that you are the best drummer I’ve ever
seen or heard of. She is a recent BoDeans fan even though she is from
WI. When you walked out on stage to play with that young lady opening
for them I had tears in my eyes and my wife thought I was losing it. After
the BoDeans started she completely understood what it was that I was feeling.
She could not take her eyes off of you because you are just the most dynamic
individual in music. You’re still the best and it was such a special treat
to hear the best band in music with the best drummer in music. Keep it
up as long as possible. -Jim, Alexandria, VA

King Kenny – Clinic at Exeter, Devon, UK – Iain & Zoe – August,

Both my wife and I went along and wow what a performance. The show just
rocked. Kenny’s enthusiasm for drumming and music is just phenomenal.
I have to say that it was the best drum clinic i have ever been to. Can’t
wait for when he comes back. God bless you Kenny. -Iain & Zoe

Drumfest in Brentwood England, August 2005

Hey Kenny just wanna say you were great at the drumfest 2005 in Brentwood
England the whole day opened my eyes to the pure skill in live drumming

Reverse tom placement should have tipped me off – Travis who attended
Rock Fest in Cadott, WI on July 16, 2005

I was sitting in the hot sun of Cadott, WI watching the members of The
BoDeans “plug in” to start the show. I was clueless that you were currently
drumming for them. As a drummer I was excited to see the drum set sitting
stage left in line with the other musicians where I could watch the drummer.
I should have known it was your set by the “reversed” tom placement but
it just didn’t sink in. When you came hustling in and took your place
I couldn’t be happier. It was a real pleasure to see you add your energy
and dynamics to a great band like the BoDeans. I’m glad you found your
way to Rock Fest in time!

The BoDeans


Very Lucky and Amazed – Curt, Mt. Vernon, WA

I was very lucky to have seen Kenny in a drum clinic in Bellevue. I was
just amazed at the energy he had for the 3 hour clinic. I was not only
impressed with his skills as a musician but also the respect he gave to
the audience. Kenny answered everyone’s questions and made sure we received
his autograph with a handshake. One more comment. For years I have watched
Kenny play with many musicians. He plays "every" song with 200%
effort. Never looks bored. Puts full effort in each and every song. 
Thanks Kenny for your contribution to music and just being a super nice
guy! Hope to see you again soon.

Thanks for the Motivation – Mike, Bellevue, WA

Kenny, I just wanted to send along some deep felt thanks for the clinic
that you did in Bellevue. I’m a 33 year old drummer who quit playing several
years ago do to drugs and booze. I started studying and playing gigs again
three years ago and attending clinics like yours really helps me not only
as a player but keeps me motivated and excited about the instrument. I
was really impressed by the time that you gave to people to answer questions
or sign autographs and I thank God that there are performers out there
like you for kids and adults to look up to. I know now that I will definitely
be buying and studying your videos, and also turning any students that
I myself have in the future on to you and your playing. I really appreciate
your enthusiasm for drummers and drums and really feel privileged to be
a part of the drumming community. Thank you so much, hope to see more
of you in the future.

Thank You – Betsy, Sacramento, CA

Kenny, thank you very much for meeting with the "three Sacramento
folks" you now know! It was an impressive concert and we enjoyed
it very much. Your patience and thoughtfulness in talking with us was
much appreciated. I don’t know if Chris will ever make it in the music
business but having the opportunity to meet successful people that are
at least willing to take a few moments and talk with the "dreamers" 
is energizing and provides incentive to keep practicing the long hours
needed to succeed.     We will look forward to possibly
meeting you at a future concert and Chris does  hope to attend one
of your drum clinics. I, of course, am still favoring bagpipes and Celtic
drumming but there is no accounting for taste!

Spreading Love – Ernie, Charlotte, NC

Kenny’s love touched (4) people in Charlotte, NC and impacted them for
life. In September ’97, after a late night gig, my wife and I pulled up
to a local hotel in my old beat-up Toyota, which was filled with my drums. 
We were just cruising by, to see if the Fogerty entourage had rolled into
town for the next days concert.  By chance, there at 2:00 am sat
Kenny, Bob Glaub and another gentleman outside on a hotel bench. 
Kenny talked to us for some time and arranged to meet with us the following
night after the concert.

Kenny, if you happen to read this,  I want you to know about the
impact you left with (4) full grown 40+ year old adults.  The time
that you spent with us after your show and the kind things that you said
to me, my wife and our two friends will be with us forever.

Without gushing and dribbling too much when I say this, I hope that the
(4) of us can continue to spread the love and goodness that you imparted
on us that night, to all the people that we come in contact with each
and everyday.  I guess that’s what’s really important in this old
world of ours, isn’t it. 

Takes a Knockin’ and Keeps on Rockin’ – Eric, Littleton, CO

I am a Drummer of about 15 yrs. (off & on), I admire your background
and the fact that you focused on classical music, that’s how I started
in a symphonic band and played in a couple of rock bands in junior high
and high school, did some Prom gigs and a couple of college bars as well.
I was listening to a local radio station in Denver this morning, (The
Fox) and the morning DJ Rick Lewis said that he was talking to you about
having the flu and still doing the shows with buckets on both sides of
your set, that’s the difference between a true musician where the show
must go on and someone who takes a sick day when they aren’t even sick.

Drum Clinic – Peter, Los Angeles, CA

Gotta give Kenny props for some advice I heard from him at a West LA
clinic a few months back.  He talked about focusing in on trying
to do one thing well at an ‘A’ level as opposed to trying to a million
things at a ‘C’ level.  It’s begun to sink in and has made a difference
in my relationship with music as well as an impact in my everyday living. 
Thanks for the advice and the continued inspiration.

Drum Clinic – Russell, Arvada, Colorado

Many thanks to Kenny for sharing his time with us at the drum clinic
at the Sheridan in Denver on Sunday night.  It would have been easy
to cancel the visit as the temperature outside was below zero and the
snow kept falling.  Kenny, thanks for a great learning experience
and making us feel at home.

Drum Clinic – Matt, Albuquerque, N.M.

Kenny has been a huge inspiration to me. Not only for his drumming, but
also for his stamina and drive. The guy just never stops. I always have
enjoyed Kenny’s playing, but never got to see him live. With or without
a band. I am in a band and we are on the road about 47-51 weeks a year.
So, getting out to see others perform isn’t easy. I got a chance to see
him at a clinic in Denver. Thanks to my good buddy Tim and the guys at
Drumcity. Wow!!!! Not only was it loud and mindblowing but he had a some
really awesome things to say. In fact, I took our guitar player, and he
was blown away. He really took to heart what Kenny had to say about the
business and staying in there and all. It was a good time for the two
of us.

Smashing Pumpkins – Sharon, Toronto, Canada – 1998

I just have to tell you how wonderful your drumming has been, I’m a really
big Pumpkins fan, and I went to see them in Toronto. I’d have to say the
drums were beautiful and thank you. You’ve really brought out those powerful
beats that add a nice edge to the Smashing Pumpkin’s sound. Everyone on
Listessa (a HUGE SP mailing list) raved in their concert reviews how impressive
you and the other percussionists were.

Smashing Pumpkins – Rhonda, Orlando, FL – 1998

I simply wanted to tell you that I was awestruck at a recent (Aug. 6th)
Smashing Pumpkins show that you played in. The energy that you added with
your drumming really gave the songs a totally different life than their
album counterparts. And the fact that you were grinning through the entire
show made the evening with my favorite band even more enjoyable.

Melissa Etheridge (Your Little Secret – Recording) by Darren

Your Little Secret is overall very good. It usually takes a while for
the music really to really grow into something I would call superb.

I hear a few influences here that were not as strong previously. While
listening I heard much stronger Springsteen influences lyrically, and
there is an obvious John Mellencamp and U2 musical influence on a few

I was surprised, and delighted, to see that Kenny Aronoff played drums
and percussion on a few tracks (nowhere to go, I want to come over, I
could have been you, change). He is perhaps the best studio drummer out
there, and adds a very very strong back bone for these tunes.

Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band (1996 Tour) by Craig, University
of Florida

Speaking of the band, Kenny Aronoff from John Mellencamp’s band was drumming
and Billy Payne from Little Feat was on piano. Aronoff’s energetic playing
was definitely a driving force. The sound was real good. Great versions
of Travellin’ Man, Like a Rock, Beautiful Loser. Bob was very intent on
pushing the new material but hey that’s business. The rhythm on Breakdown
was really in sync. By the time they closed with Hollywood Nights and
Rock ‘n’ Roll Never Forgets, they had this 34 year old dinosaur dancing
his ass off!