Drum Kits

Drum Layout
Tama Drums Setup
Purple Kit
Bubinga Violet Sparkle
Green kit
Starclassic Maple Green Sparkle
Tama Drums

Starclassic Maple Green Sparkle Kit or Bubinga Gold Rush Sprakle Kit or Bubinga Silver Snow Racing Stripe Kit

1. 24″ x 16″ Kick Drum
2. 4″ x 15″ Kenny Aronoff Track Master “Super Piccolo” Signature Brass Snare
3. 5” x 14” Kenny Aronoff Track Master Signature Snare with Die Cast Hoop
4. 10″ x 12″ Tom
5. 8” x 10” Tom
6. 16” x 16” Floor Tom with Legs
7. 16” x 18” Floor Tom with Legs

Zildjian Cymbals

A. 15″ New Beat Hihats
B. 18″ or 19″ A Custom Projection Crash
C. 18″ or 19″ A Custom Projection Crash
D. 15″ New Beat Hihats
E. 21″ A Custom Projection Ride
F. 19″ K Crash

Evans Drum Heads

  • Snare Top: HEAVY WEIGHT
  • Snare Bottom: Clear 300 (Designed for Bottom Snare)
  • All Toms (top): G2 Coated or G12 Coated
  • All Toms (bottom): G1 Clear
  • Bass Drum (beater side): EQ 4 Clear or EMAD HEAVY HEIGHT
  • Bass Drum (front head): Black G1

AA. Iron Cobra Hihat Lever Glide
BB. Cable Hat
CC. Iron Cobra Power Glide Double Base Drum Pedal with Wood Beaters