Jim Irsay - Indianapolis Colts Owner

“Kenny is such a force, he’s such a physical force – that’s the thing you have to start with – he is a ball of fucking energy whose bringing it, he reminds me of some of our great Pass Rushers like Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis!”

- Jim Irsay, Indianapolis Colts Owner
Jon Bon Jovi

“Absolutely one of the best doing it.  I think that highly of him, without a second thought.  He is and will remain one of my favorites.”

- Jon Bon Jovi
John Mellencamp

 “Our success was a matter of a million things, but of course Kenny’s dedication to work – which I don’t think anybody could ever slight in any fashion – was a big factor.  There’s no question that Kenny can tough it out, and everybody that knows Kenny would have to admire him for that.  Kenny plays hurt, where some guys just wouldn’t do it.  Kenny has that kind of work ethic.”

- John Mellencamp
John Fogerty

“I think he is, without a doubt, one of the greats.  As far as I’m concerned, he’s the greatest in the world, and I’m lucky enough to have him in my band.  I know Kenny has his own idols that he looks up to, and so do I, and he’s right there as far as his ability and his personality – as far as how he plays and presents the music that he’s doing – he’s at the very top of the mountain.”

- John Fogerty
Willie Nelson

“He’s a great drummer and can play anything you throw at him.”

- Willie Nelson
Tommy Lee

“I have a lot of respect for Kenny, that guy has played on more people’s fucking records and I respect the shit out of that.  He can go in and whip out a ton of different styles on people and do it extremely well, and I’ve always admired those guys who can show up, know the song they’re tracking, go in there and just nail it!  I watched Kenny record over here at my studio and he just went in there, smashed the shit out of it and was like “Alright, I’m out!”  It was like fuck, that’s so cool!  “

- Tommy Lee, Motley Crue
Melissa Etheridge

“He has inspired so many drummers.  When you hear a Mellencamp song, or one of my songs, and you know instantly it’s Kenny.  He brought a personality to the drums.”

- Melissa Etheridge
Billy Corgan

“I love Kenny!  One of the best drummers in the world.”

- Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins
Joey Kramer

“Kenny, I think, is one of the best there is around.”

- Joey Cramer, Aerosmith
Stephen Perkins

“You think about the greats: Quincy, Monk, Buddy Rich, all the guys who were the greatest ever in the field, and it’s Kenny Aronoff dude!  Everyone who sees him and hears him knows him, because he’s just that good.  He’s on the top of the pyramid.”

- Stephen Perkins, Jane's Adiction
Taylor Hawkins

“I feel like Kenny is almost like a Charlie Watts on steroids!”

- Taylor Hawkins, Foo Fighters
Chad Smith

“Kenny has a nickname, its “Everready” because he never stops.”

- Chad Smith, Red Hot Chili Peppers
Joe Satriani

 “I loved the fact that Kenny was a great drummer with super energy, and he loves to pick up on the energy of a band and just drive it into the stratosphere.”

- Joe Satriani
Ringo Starr

“Kenny Aronoff plays drums. Peace & Love.”

- Ringo Starr