Kenny Aronoff, The Hardest Hitting Man in Show Business!

Sex Drums Rock n Roll

Sex, Drums, Rock ‘n’ Roll! details Aronoff’s youth in the Berkshires and the Midwest, from his early inspirations to his serious classical and jazz study, which gave him the foundation to be able to play – anything. The failure of a first rock band in his early twenties had a silver lining: it freed him up for an audition that would change his life – John Mellencamp. His work with Mellencamp catapulted Aronoff to the top of the charts with such hits as ”Hurt So Good”, ”Little Pink Houses”, and ”Jack and Diane” and paved the way for session and recording work with droves of remarkable artists.


Laying It Down - Basics of Rock Drumming DVD
Laying it Down: The Basics of Rock Drumming DVD (Autographed) | $35.00

Kenny Aronoff is one of rock’s most in-demand drummers. While this DVD is ideal for beginning/intermediate drummers, it also offers valuable tips for the advanced player. Topics include creating a drum part, keeping steady time, making the beat groove and developing the beat creatively.

Power Workout - Complete DVD - Featured
Power Workout: Complete DVD (Autographed) | $35.00

For the first time ever, Kenny’s best-selling videos Power Workout 1 and 2 are combined on one DVD. Power Workout: Complete covers the warm-up routines Kenny has developed over years of playing. Focusing on bass drum playing, syncopation and independence, Kenny breaks down each workout to its most basic level. These workouts will not only loosen up your limbs, they’ll also build your chops and endurance, strengthen your independence on all four limbs, and focus your concentration.

VIC FIRTH Signature Series Drumsticks - Kenny Aronoff Model (Autographed) | $25.00

Vic Firth Kenny Aronoff Signature Drumsticks boast an extreme 5B shaft with the neck and tip of a rock stick. Plenty of weight for heavy hitting, yet thin enough to play with finesse. 16-1/2″ long. .595″ diameter.

Evans Drumhead 10
Evans 10`` Drumhead (Autographed) | $30.00
Evans Drumhead 10 Variation
Evans 10`` Drumhead (Custom Print) | $30.00
Autographed Photo Card
Autographed Photo Card | $15.00