LOS ANGELES, California 12/21/2022

World-renowned musician Kenny Aronoff has contributed his talents to more than 60 Grammy® nominated recordings. Over 300 million records sold worldwide feature his work, 1,300 of which are certified gold, platinum, or diamond. And now he’s contributing those talents to wine making as well.

‘Uncommon’ is the sensational new wine creation of iconic drummer Kenny Aronoff via a partnership with Ian Devereux White of Smith Devereux in Napa. here will only be 50 cases produced of the limited production Napa Valley Red Blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon | 50% Syrah. The wine has been touted to be as rich and complex as it is silky and approachable. “For me it’s about connecting, communicating, and collaborating with those we love and respect.” said Aronoff. “It’s about innovation and creativity, adapting and achieving a purpose beyond what we believe to be possible. It’s about truth, desire, and being unstoppable and authentic. That’s why I thought ‘Uncommon’ would be the perfect name for my wine.”

The wine’s one-of-a-kind packaging was made possible with the creative genius at M&A Creative Agency in Portugal and Napa Valley. Sustainably farmed and hand-made from vine to bottle, ‘Uncommon’ is part of Smith Devereux’s philanthropy series, with 10% of profits from the sale of the wine donated to the Alaina’s Voice Foundation.

For purchasing information of the wine click here.

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